Mitzy's Pet Sitting Services

Group Dog Walking Sessions
  1. Group Walks are 50 minutes in length and are on or off-leash as requested
  2. Walks take place in your neighbourhood, lake, beach, forest or a nearby park with other dogs
  3. Will have a maximum of 5 dogs per group
  4. Group Walks are between the hours of 9:00am-6:00 Monday to Friday
Private Dog Walking Sessions
  1. Private walks are outside the normal hours of our group walk times above
  2. Our private walks are 60 minutes in length and are on-leash
  3. Your dog will be walked in your neighbourhood,lake, beach, forest or a nearby park
Dog Walking Requirements
  1. Dog Must Be non-aggressive in nature and get along well with other dogs
  2. Know basic obedience, especially if they are going to be off-leash
  3. Have a well-fitted collar (martingales are good but choke collars are not)
  4. Be on a flea prevention program during flea season
  5. Be up to date on their vaccinations
Service Area
  1. We provide dog walking services in Vancouver Downtown, the West End and Kitsilano Area
  2. The service area in Zürich: Oerlikon, Affoltern, Regensdorf, Downtown, Seefeld, Glattbrugg, Opfikon, Kloten, Bassersdorf or other close requested area

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